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Mindfulness In Education: Why You Must Attend The Conference

Why You Should Attend The Conference – “Mindfulness in Education”

Nation of Learning Excellence (NLE) – a JBCN Education initiative – is organizing a conference on “Mindfulness in Education” on the 23rd and 24th of January, 2018, in Mumbai. We want you to understand the ideology behind Mindfulness In Education: Why You Must Attend The Conference.

What is mindfulness and why do you need it?

Mindfulness is being actively aware of your thoughts, feelings and surroundings. It is living in the moment, accepting situations and reflecting upon your actions. Mindfulness in Education means the ability to take conscious, non-judgmental decisions in the present with knowledge, calmness and clarity.

Over a span of two days, you will embark on this journey of mindfulness along with various other educators.

Why Do We Need Mindfulness in the Education Sector?

The world today is constantly evolving and changing. Not only are our ideas, thoughts and beliefs changing, but so is our physical reality (read Global Warming). Despite unbelievable advances in science, technology and communications, we are becoming more holed up and troubled individuals within.

Children are growing up in a world where depression, anxiety, bullying and heart problems have become commonplace. Socio-cultural differences are attacked and not celebrated, and the concept of “co-existence” is virtually non-existent. In such worrying times, are we really doing our best to raise positive, confident and receptive children that the future requires?

The behavioral patterns of children have undergone a radical change – and not for the better. Children today are more emotional, stressed, depressed and anxious. These problems have a snowball effect on their social interactions and academic achievement. It’s time to equip them better for life’s realities and challenges and the only way to do this is by teaching them a mindful way of living.

When children learn to accept themselves and everyone around them, build confidence in themselves and take on challenges without fear, they become positive people who inspire change in themselves as well as in others. These individuals are the need-of-the-hour in the coming future and mindfulness can help us achieve this objective.

How Education Plays a Role:

Mindfulness In Education: Why You Must Attend The Conference

Being one of the first people a child interacts with, a teacher plays a pivotal role in shaping the child’s overall personality and attitude. Bringing mindfulness into the classroom is as important as bringing in books. A mindful environment will promote diversity of thoughts, goal-oriented action and comfort in teamwork.

And, as children become more and more aware of their surroundings, they evolve into emotionally balanced beings with the inner strength and resilience to handle all kinds of situations that life throws at them. They can achieve their goals with more passion, determination and confidence. This progressive learning technique requires time and a lot of patience to master, but it is well worth the effort.

Your first step to learning and inculcating mindfulness starts with this conference. To register for the “Mindfulness in Education” conference, click here.

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