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How Teachers Can Shape The Future Entrepreneurs Of The Country

The greatest service rendered to children by adults is education – an education that enables children to become productive and happy members of society and contribute to a country’s GDP, employment opportunities, and overall welfare of the people by starting their own businesses and becoming entrepreneurs. Lets discuss How Teachers Can Shape the Future Entrepreneurs of the Country. The quality of teaching goes a long way in determining whether or not a learner has the aptitude to start a business. This is why the role that teachers play in ...

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Mindfulness in Education: A Nation of Learning Excellence Meet

Nation of Learning Excellence (NLE) is a JBCN Education initiative that aims to provide a bouquet of high quality, professional development opportunities to 21st century educators with a view to impacting the largest number of children possible, through the empowerment of their teachers. Under the auspices of NLE, we bring to educators a conference on ‘Mindfulness in Education’, an initiative of JBCN Education in association with ChalkBoard School Solutions. Here are a few speakers with whom we will be engaging during the Nation of Learn...

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Mindfulness In Education: Why You Must Attend The Conference

Why You Should Attend The Conference – "Mindfulness in Education" Nation of Learning Excellence (NLE) - a JBCN Education initiative - is organizing a conference on “Mindfulness in Education” on the 23rd and 24th of January, 2018, in Mumbai. We want you to understand the ideology behind Mindfulness In Education: Why You Must Attend The Conference. What is mindfulness and why do you need it? Mindfulness is being actively aware of your thoughts, feelings and surroundings. It is living in the moment, accepting situations and reflecting...

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How To Become A Kindergarten Teacher?

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Become a Kindergarten Teacher “Finding your passion is not just about career and money. It is about finding your own authentic self.” A quote which most of us strongly identify with. Each one of us is passionate about something, having thoughts that excite us, charge us and make us feel alive and that we have found our purpose in life. If you are an individual who is empathetic, patient and loves to nurture young children in the age group of 2-6 years, then carving a career as a Kindergarten Teacher is your ...

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Benefits and Salary of Kindergarten Teacher

Each one of us has had inspirational and encouraging teachers in the course of our education who have influenced us in a big way and have contributed immensely to who we are today. So lets know more about the benefits and salary of kindergarten teacher. Most teachers we come across are not in the profession for the “salary” or the “tangible benefits” though it can be a significant consideration when you embark on the journey to selecting a career for yourself in or in choosing a new job. Today choosing the right schools is huge pr...

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