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Ramkumar Krishnaswamy

Mr. Ramkumar Krishnaswamy

Founder – Leadership Centre

Mr. Ramkumar is the founder of Leadership Centre, an organisation dedicated to building world-class thought and practise in the domain of leadership consulting, research and development. Leadership Centre believes that leadership is more than a skill and style-based approach to understanding and developing leaders. Its proprietary model on leadership development believes that leadership is a personal resource which each one has and can develop. Mr Ramkumar’s work over the last 32 years has been across a wide range of roles in HR and Business; yet his passion has been with respect to Leadership development with specific emphasis on how to help individuals expand their leadership capabilities and organisations strengthen their leadership pipeline. Mr. Ramkumar retired as the Executive Director on the Board of ICICI Bank, prior to which he was the President of ICICI Foundation, ICICI Group’s CSR arm.