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Natasha Mehta

Dr. Natasha Mehta

Director, Chalkboard School Solutions

Dr Natasha Mehta, Director, Chalkboard School Solutions, has a rich and diverse experience in education. Formerly the Head of Curriculum at Lawrence School Sanawar, Dr Mehta has authored over 52 books and has been an author with Pearson Longman since the last fourteen years.She has headed several ICSE and IGCSE schools in Mumbai and was the founder Principal of the first and flagship school of a leading chain of national and international schools in India. She has also served as a member of Mumbai University’s Quality Assurance Cell, Department of Education, and has been a resource person for the University Grants Commission. She has taught Educational Administration and Educational Psychology at the Oriental College of Education, Mumbai. Dr. Mehta is passionate about innovative practices in education, teacher training, leadership mentoring, blended learning and inclusive education.