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Nandita Jhaveri

Ms. Nandita Jhaveri

Ms Nandita Jhaveri has been in the field of preprimary and primary education for more than 40 years. She was a head teacher of Saifee Eidiz Zahabi, a progressive preschool in Mumbai run by the Saifee Trust for 18 years. This experience has given her the opportunity to observe children’s natural growth, behavior and learning processes minutely and therefore constantly modify the classroom environment and curriculum as per the children’s inherent needs, making it more child friendly. Nandita introduced this approach at the New Era School, where she was the Vice Principal for 12 years, making significant and relevant changes in the strategies of teaching and in the course content for primary classes as well. She has also been a visiting resource faculty conducting all the practical workshops at Sophia College, Nirmala Niketan and at the Saifee Burhani Teachers’ Training Institute. She conducts workshops for teachers and parents for various institutions with children of varied economic levels, balwadis, urban and village schools, NGOs in Mumbai and several places in the country. She has been making presentations and conducts workshops at national level conferences.During her assignment as education consultant at the Diamond Jubilee School – a school established by the Aga Khan Education Services, she made radical and dynamic changes in the teacher training so that the teachers truly became facilitators and provided a creative and stimulating environment for the children. This resulted in children’s learning that was integrated, in depth and application oriented.