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Kunal Dalal

Mr. Kunal Dalal

Managing Director – JBCN Education

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Mr. Kunal had many opportunities to work in the United States. However, he was passionate about education and giving children in India the opportunities to explore and develop thinking skills from a young age rather than the rote learning rigour that he went through in school. Before co-founding JBCN Education, Kunal Dalal worked at Rabo and Yes Bank, both financial start ups, the experience at these institutions prepared him to handle the nuances of growing organisations and an understanding of finance that enabled him to lead the finance department at JBCN. His experience as a student of the IBDP programme enabled him to take a two pronged approach: as a student and as an educator. He believes that an international education is more than an affiliation to a board it is about broadening the children’s horizons and making them citizen’s of the world.