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Chittaranjan Kaul

Mr. Chittaranjan Kaul

Director of Centre of Learning Resources

As the Director of Centre of Learning Resources , Mr. Chittaranjan Kaul seeks to help public education systems through building capacities, providing high quality academic resources and helping create programme implementation design and strategy. Prior to this, he ran a strategic management consulting and leadership development practice under the name of Sanvaad. He has contributed immensely as the Principal of the Krishnamurti Foundation’s Sahyadri School where he discovered key educational concepts, especially his belief in experiential learning, as well as the validity of Krishnamurti’s teachings in practice. His work with rural youth on questions of livelihood and the relevance of their education to their lives has developed into the notion of “sustaining livelihood”, looking for livelihoods that sustain the environment and the community around us. Prior to his work in the social sector, Mr Kaul worked at Bank of America for nearly sixteen years, starting and leading to significant commercial success, three of its separate new entities in India, Hong Kong and Singapore.