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About the Conference

Nation of Learning Excellence (NLE) is a JBCN Education initiative that aims to provide a bouquet of high quality, professional development opportunities to 21st century educators with a view to impacting the largest number of children possible, through the empowerment of their teachers.

Under the auspices of NLE, we bring to educators a conference on ‘Mindfulness in Education’, an initiative of JBCN Education in association with ChalkBoard School Solutions.

What is mindfulness? Is it the ability to introspect and reflect? Is it awareness of your surroundings? Does it also include mindful social interactions? Mindfulness is all of these and a lot more. There are myriad definitions of what mindfulness means, but for us at NLE, it is the ability to take conscious, non-judgemental decisions in the present, armed with knowledge, calm consideration and clarity of thought.

Becoming mindful is a journey. It starts with conscious effort and eventually becomes a natural way of life. Being mindful is no longer an option or the prerogative of evolved beings. It is a necessity for each and every one of us. We live in a world where borders may be geographical but where new barriers to understanding go up every day; where we need to be more accepting but are only becoming more and more insular. The world that we grew up in was more predictable. Our world today is a constantly evolving, shifting, layered juxtaposition of ideas, beliefs and thoughts. In such a constantly changing scenario, the impossible is now reality. Our physical reality too has changed from abstraction to concrete experience, as global warming and its consequences become part of our everyday actuality.

Along with unimaginable advances in science, technology and digital communication, our children are also growing up in a world where depression, bullying, anxiety disorders and body image issues are commonplace. Young children today frequently demonstrate socio-emotional and behavioural problems that may inhibit their potential to achieve success in school, interpersonal relationships and future careers. Mindfulness encourages students to be more accepting of themselves and others, and enables them to be more confident in their own skins. Mindfulness equips them to take decisions in this chaotic world without all the noise of prejudice and empty rhetoric.

Classrooms and teaching learning pedagogies that encourage mindfulness are the first step in developing mindfulness. So what does a classroom that encourages mindfulness look like? It is a classroom where diversity is celebrated. Reflective thought, outcome- oriented action and careful speech are woven into the fabric of an educational system that nurtures collaboration rather than mindless competition. The teaching and learning of all disciplines becomes deeper and broader in its perspectives when deep thought and focussed application lead to higher levels of creativity and innovation.

The theme of Mindfulness in Education has increasing resonance with all progressive educators today. Mindful teaching and learning are the fundamental premise on which all the pillars of education ought to rest. Educators are in a unique position to guide and mentor tomorrow’s generation. Once mindfulness becomes a norm in classrooms we can hope to raise a generation that is compassionate, accepting and confident. The result will be more resilient, empathic and emotionally balanced young people who can grow with an inner strength that will be their anchor in their endeavours through a lifelong journey of learning.

NLE’s Mindfulness in Education Conference brings together educators from varied backgrounds in an exceptional interface with thought leaders and inspirational educators from a variety of fields, providing a potentially transformational opportunity to positively impact our most precious resource – the young mind.

At this Conference we will be launching a significant opportunity for educators across the board to further their professional development – a Masters in Education program, brought to you by NLE and ChalkBoard School Solutions, in collaboration with the D’Youville College School of Education, USA, a private college that specializes in teacher education programs in Buffalo, New York State. D’Youville meets the highest standards in preparing education graduates and post-graduates to be effective teachers and it is JBCN Education’s privilege to bring this program to educators across Asia under the auspices of NLE. The Conference will provide participants an opportunity to interact with Lorrie Ann Clemo, PhD, President, and Joggeshwar (Jogy) Das, Vice President Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, Hilary A. Lochte, Professor and Chair Education, and Julie Carter, PhD, Associate Professor and Director TESOL Programs, who will be happy to discuss details about the Masters in Education Program.








Conference Schedule

Tuesday, 23rd January

09:30 - 10:15AM

Registration & Breakfast

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10:30 - 10:50AM

Opening ceremony

10:50 - 11:05AM

Welcome address by Mr. Kunal Dalal

Managing Director - JBCN Education
11:05 - 11:35AM

Inaugural speech

by Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

President - RARE Enterprises
11:45 - 12:15PM
Keynote Address 1

Mr. Ashish Dhawan

Founder and Chairman - Central Square Foundation (CSF)

Mindful Leadership

Collaboration - A conscious choice for a generation of change makers

12:25 - 12:55PM
Keynote Address 2

Ms. Zarina Screwvala

Founder & Managing Trustee - Swades Foundation

Mindful Leadership

"Bound"less education - Cultivating an expansive vision

01:05 - 01:30PM
Keynote Address 3

Ms. Dia Mirza

An actor, producer, director, entrepreneur, humanitarian and a champion of nature.

Mindful Leadership

Fostering a relationship with Nature

01:40 - 02:10PM
Keynote Address 4

Dr. Lorrie Ann Clemo

President - D'Youville, VP Academic Affairs - State University New York, Oswego.

Mindful Leadership

Introduction of Masters in Education and NLE - D'Youville collaboration; Trends in higher education & challenges for higher education leaders

02:10 - 03:10PM


03:10 - 03:50PM
Breakaway Session 1

Ms. Soniya Lalla & Ms. Nandita Jhaveri

Early education and exploration into mindful practices

Mr. Toby Newton

Head of School at International College Hong Kong (ICHK)

Human Technologies: Curriculum in a new key

Ms. Maya Menon

Founder Director of the The Teacher Foundation

Teacher Mindfulness fosters Student Mindfulness

04:00 - 04:40PM
Breakaway Session 2

Dr. Hilary A. Lochte

Professor of Education, Education Department Chair - D'Youville College

Multiculturism - The fine line between diversity and assimilation

Mr. Dilip Jayaram

Associate Vice President- Walchand PeopleFirst Ltd, India Futures

Reflective thought leading to goal-oriented action

Dr. Navita Mahajan

Independent Researcher & Academician

Mindfulness and Conflict: A Handful of Quiet

04:40 - 05:00PM


Wednesday, 24th January

09:30 - 10:00AM

Helpdesk & Registration

10:00 - 10:30AM
Keynote Address 1

Mr. Chittaranjan Kaul

Director of Centre of Learning Resources

The Power of Now

Relevance of mindfulness in education today

10:40 - 11:10AM
Keynote Address 2
Mr. Shayamal Vallabhjee

Mr. Shayamal Vallabhjee

The Power of Now

Using mindfulness to unlock the champion in you

11:20 - 11:50AM


12:00 - 12:40PM
Breakaway Session 3

Dr. Coomi Vevaina

Founder Director of Centre for Connection Education and Management

Expanding awareness - Linking knowledge to life in the classroom

Mr. Vipul Rikhi

Poet, Fiction writer, Translator & Singer

Unlearning with Kabir - Suli upar ghar (Living on the tip of a thorn)

Ms. Sandy Dias Andrade

Psychotherapist and the Director at Just Being

Deep Listening - Relational Mindfulness in Education

12:50 - 01:30PM
Breakaway Session 4

Dr. Mark Macleod

Award-winning Publisher, Writer, Speaker & Television Presenter

Modern Parables - Change stories to change the world

Ms. Maya Menon

Founder Director of the The Teacher Foundation

Teacher Mindfulness fosters Student Mindfulness

Dr. Julie Carter

Associate Professor and Director of TESOL Education at D'Youville College

Social justice & education- an equilibrium between access to power and it's responsible use

01:30 - 02:30PM


02:30 - 03:15PM
Panel Discussion

Ms. Maya Menon

Founder Director of the The Teacher Foundation

Building resilience (Adversity quotient) to deal with life’s challenges

Dr. Coomi Vevaina

Founder Director of Centre for Connection Education and Management

Building resilience (Adversity quotient) to deal with life’s challenges

Mr. Vipul Rikhi

Poet, Fiction writer, Translator & Singer

Building resilience (Adversity quotient) to deal with life’s challenges

Mr. Andrew Gray

Chief Academic Mentor, ChalkBoard School Solutions

Building resilience (Adversity quotient) to deal with life’s challenges

03:15 - 04:00PM
Closing address

Mr. Joggeshwar(Jogy) Das & Dr. Natasha Mehta

Mr. Joggeshwar - Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning - D'Youville College | Dr. Natasha Mehta - Director, Chalkboard School Solutions

Opportunities for higher education & collaboration

04:00 - 04:50PM

Closing ceremony & Play for Peace by Mr. Agyatmitra & team

Certified Play for Peace Trainer
04:50 - 05:10PM





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Venue Details


Hotel Sahara Star

The Conference will be held at Sahara Star, the flagship hotel of Sahara India Pariwar. The 5-star hotel is strategically located near Mumbai's Domestic and International Airport providing excellent hospitality with latest modern facilities.



Opp.Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport Terminal 1(Domestic), Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099.






Sahara Star Hotel is only a few minutes away from the Mumbai Domestic and International Airport making it a convenient landmark for all.


Complimentary breakfast and lunch will be available on both days for all participants attending the conference.

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