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Benefits and Salary of Kindergarten Teacher

Each one of us has had inspirational and encouraging teachers in the course of our education who have influenced us in a big way and have contributed immensely to who we are today. So lets know more about the benefits and salary of kindergarten teacher.

Most teachers we come across are not in the profession for the “salary” or the “tangible benefits” though it can be a significant consideration when you embark on the journey to selecting a career for yourself in or in choosing a new job.

Today choosing the right schools is huge problem because of new School setups to choose from, affiliated to different Boards like SSC, ICSE and International Boards. Though quite a few Preschools may be attached to High schools, there are a lot of Standalone preschools doing a brilliant job of providing Early Childhood Education to young children.

In this day and age, there have been huge changes in the teaching and learning environment. Education for Pre-schoolers has undergone a transition and people have become more aware.

Parents are more accepting about the benefits of the right way to education. It results in holistic development of young learners who are nurtured and guided by trained kindergarten teachers in their early years.
Kindergarten teachers are responsible for the education and life skill development of children in the ages between 2 to 6 years. In case of Mother Toddler Groups, wherein the child is accompanied by one parent, kindergarten teachers work with the age group of 6 months to 2 years as well.

Job designations are often kindergarten teacher, toddler teacher, Preschool Teacher or Early Childhood Education teacher. Preschool teachers may work in public and private schools. Kindergarten teachers also work at daycare centers, NGOs and Skill Building classes.

Benefits and Salaries of Kindergarten Teacher:

  • It is fair to say that most kindergarten teachers in International schools enjoy a significantly better benefits and salary package as compared to the kindergarten teachers from Indian Board affiliated Preschools. The salary of a kindergarten teacher may range from Rs.20000/- to Rs.35000/- in case of International Schools. Coordinators and Supervisors may enjoy a range from Rs.40,000 to over a Lakh of Rupees.
  • A number of International schools/ Standalone Preschools and Schools affiliated to Indian boards do provide free education for teachers’ children. However, the majority may offer a substantial discount, somewhere between 50% to 80% of the tuition fees, while some may not offer any discounts whatsoever.

Salary of Kindergarten Teacher is competitive and depends on the following factors:

  • Type of Board the School is affiliated to
  • Uniqueness of Standalone Preschools
  • Student fee
  • Location
  • Infrastructure
  • Strata of Parent Clientele
  • Level of Experience of the kindergarten teacher

Benefits offered to kindergarten teachers may also vary considerably depending on setting, location, educational requirements, responsibilities and other factors.

Some Schools provide no benefits or limited benefits to their staff, while others offer full packages, including health insurance, retirement funds and paid vacations. Most Schools offer kindergarten teachers minimal benefits such as free or discounted tuition for their children.

Besides the “tangible and monetary benefits” which a kindergarten teacher may enjoy, very often in the Teaching profession it is the “intangibles” which warm your heart. These “intangibles” make a kindergarten teacher realize that he/she is truly touching lives and is able to make a difference in the life skill development of young impressionable children.

Benefits of Kindergarten Teacher:

Benefits of Kindergarten Teacher

  • The major benefit is a sense of achievement that a preschool teacher derives by helping and watching young children learn and achieve. As a kindergarten teacher, you will spend more time engaging, teaching and influencing the behaviour of the young learners more than anyone – including their working parents.Precisely why a kindergarten teacher needs to acquire the in-depth knowledge and skills that only a preschool education focused degree program can provide.
  • This can be the most gratifying of jobs. You can receive feedback and appreciate your own work by witnessing the progress, however miniscule, when every little step forward by your student is an achievement. It also enables kindergarten teachers to learn more about yourself. Life is full of Celebrations wherein you are a learner first and extend your learning to teach the little students the art of appreciating the world around them.
  • As a pre-school teacher, you are often the first witness so many groundbreaking milestones and achievements. It will be these times when you really feel rewarded as a teacher.

More Benefits and Salary of Kindergarten Teacher:

  • Each day is a new learning experience wherein you learn more about the effectiveness of different approaches and strategies which you employ in the classroom to take your learners on the progressive path but which in turn help to develop your own interpersonal and Communication skills
  • Kindergarten Teachers bring out their own innate natural ability to connect with little children.
  • You are able to hone your planning, organizing and implementation skills and also refresh your imagination and creative skills through the activities you plan, and the learning outcomes/objectives you set for your students
  • A plethora of Careers open up for a preschool teacher who may invest time and effort into personal skill building, extending her learning through further studies and certification leading to career advancement.
  • Avenues like Curriculum development, Authoring children’s books, Becoming a Workshop Trainer or moving to Elementary Level Teaching, The options are endless!
  • A career as a kindergarten teacher can allow you the space and time to invest in your hobbies and have life beyond your work, which can be one of the biggest benefits- achieving the perfect Work/Life balance!
  • Teachers learn to accept the unpredicted parts of life and easily embrace the things, which are beyond their control.
  • For passionate teachers, the salary of kindergarten teacher is of less importance.
  • As play is the serious work of children, Teachers deserve a serious vacation time!

“The first five years have so much to do with how the other 80 turn out !” quote – Bill Gates Sr. Co-chair of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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